Does this place have an attire code ?

Although we do not require an elegant attire , is always recommended to have proper shoes and clothes as you are in a  white table cloth Restaurant  .

Do i need Reservation ?

YES ! It is always good to make Reservations, regardless if place is busy or not ; It will allow us to make sure you have the freshest meal prepared and the necessary attention to table)

Is This an Expensive Place to eat ?

No , This place has the best value for your money !  Definitely is not cheap  but neither expensive , considering salad or soup , bread and a little spicy dip are all included in your Dinner Price ,also some items are priced on market price , eating in a clean place, white table cloth ,napkin cloth and  ball glass wine. 

Are there Robots working at this Place ?

No ! , Here are Real hard working people ,real servers, Chef cooking real food with real ingredients, no tricks , no fakes, no MSG .

Pizza ... Is it thin Crust or Thick ?

Pizza is Thin Crust made with our Homemade Dough,Homemade Sauce, hand tossed by a real human being and we can make it thicker if you ask  at the time you order. 

KIDS ... Is this a place that i can come with Kids ?

Although Kids are always welcome , is always good to make sure they well behave and within the range of their Parents as there are other customers that prefer their privacy and quiet time and we try to please and accommodate everyone.